Come with us now on a journey through Coco and wiggling. Coco the guinea pig returns, and this time there's grass.

Play the game about which an App Store quality reviewer said "[its] usefulness [...] is limited by the minimal amount of content or features it includes."

This computer game is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. Download the source code.

Creative Commons License The original art and sound assets in the computer game are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

"grass" by Shai Barzilay is licensed under CC BY-NC.

"nut crunch chomp" by spanrucker is licensed under CC0.

"Pop sound" by deraj is licensed under CC0.

Install instructions


Download cocowiggler4-2018-03-04.apk to your device and install. Remember to allow installation of apps from unknown sources.



Download, unzip its contents, and run cocowiggler4-2017-06-09.


Download cocowiggler4-2017-06-09.jar and run with Java. Get Java from


Download, unzip its contents, and run cocowiggler4-2017-06-09.exe.


Download 55 MB
Version 2021.05.14 May 14, 2021
Download 56 MB
Version 2021.05.14 May 16, 2021
Download 53 MB
Version 2021.05.14 May 14, 2021
cocowiggler4-2020-10-26.apk 3 MB
cocowiggler4-2020-10-26.jar 8 MB
cocowiggler4-soundtrack.ogg 1 MB

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