A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

Come with us now on a journey through Coco and wiggling. Coco the guinea pig returns, and this time there's grass.

Help Coco out using your touch screen, your mouse, the arrow keys, or the D-pad on your Android TV remote.

Play online at canadia.co.nz/cocowiggler4 or download for Android, Linux, Windows and Mac below.

Download the source code.

"grass" by Shai Barzilay is licensed under CC BY-NC.

"nut crunch chomp" by spanrucker is licensed under CC0.

"Pop sound" by deraj is licensed under CC0.

Install instructions


Download cocowiggler4-2018-03-04.apk to your device and install. Remember to allow installation of apps from unknown sources.


Download coco-wiggler-4-linux64.zip or coco-wiggler-4-win64.zip for your chosen system. Extract the files from the archive and run the executable inside.


Stop all the downloading and just play in your browser at canadia.co.nz/cocowiggler4.


cocowiggler4-2018-03-04.apk 4 MB
coco-wiggler-4-linux64.zip 39 MB
Version 2017-06-09 Jun 09, 2017
coco-wiggler-4-win64.zip 37 MB
Version 2017-06-09 Jun 09, 2017
cocowiggler4-soundtrack.ogg 1 MB
cocowiggler4-2017-06-09.jar 9 MB

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