A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Come with us now on a journey through Coco and wiggling. Coco the guinea pig returns, and this time there's grass.

Help Coco out using your touch screen, your mouse, or the arrow keys.

Play online at canadia.co.nz/cocowiggler4 or download for Android, Linux, Windows and Mac below.

Download the source code.

"grass" by Shai Barzilay is licensed under CC BY-NC.

"nut crunch chomp" by spanrucker is licensed under CC0.

"Pop sound" by deraj is licensed under CC0.

Install instructions


Download cocowiggler4-2017-06-09.apk to your device and install. Remember to allow installation of apps from unknown sources.


If you have a Java 6 or later you can download and run cocowiggler4-2017-06-09.jar directly on Linux, Mac, and Windows by double-clicking, or typing java -jar cocowiggler4-2017-06-09.jar on the command line. You can get Java for free from www.java.com if you need it.

If you don't have Java you can download coco-wiggler-4-linux64.zip or coco-wiggler-4-win64.zip for your chosen system. They're bigger, because they contain all that Java stuff to get Coco wiggling. Extract the files from the archive and run the executable inside.


Stop all the downloading and just play in your browser at canadia.co.nz/cocowiggler4.


cocowiggler4-2017-06-09.apk 4 MB
cocowiggler4-2017-06-09.jar 9 MB
coco-wiggler-4-linux64.zip 39 MB
Version 2017-06-09
coco-wiggler-4-win64.zip 37 MB
Version 2017-06-09
cocowiggler4-soundtrack.ogg 1 MB

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