Eternal Calendar exists now

It is my great pleasure to reveal that my decorative calendar app, Eternal Calendar, is available right now on Android, iPhone, iPad, Linux, MacOS, Windows, and in your web browser.

Eternal Calendar is a calendar app which does nothing to leverage the power of computers and their built in clocks and calendars in any way. You have to set to the right dates every month by hand. It does not solve any problems that I know of. It took at least a week of my time to make, time which I could have spent doing something more “productive”.

I will not work harder, and I will be damned if you’re going to catch me working smarter.

My app was inspired by a piece of corporate promotional office equipment: a metal calendar with a company logo printed on it. The kind of gewgaw that the sales team can hand out at conferences or events, or slip into an envelope with the company Christmas card. I looked at it and thought “how immensely pointless would it be to make a software version of that thing” and so I made it. I didn’t even try to improve on it, to bring it into the digital. I just made a functional software version of something probably no one wanted in the first place. Now it is yours.

Now that’s a “creative” “art” “craft” “gift”.

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