Download Eternal Calendar now and you will never need another digital desk calendar again. It can literally never go out of date!

This stunning brushed metal calendar features a sliding panel to set the correct dates for the month, and a month button which lets you update what month it is in real time. Answer no more to your device's built-in calendar, or whatever "society" tells you; setting up the calendar for the month is now in your hands.

Eternal Calendar is the perfect gift for anyone who thinks the best thing about sales events is the free customised office products. And best of all Eternal Calendar has been customised with a delightful corporate logo, brought to you by our passionate graphic design team.


  • Moveable day/date slider
  • Month button
  • Info panel
  • Logo design is our passion
  • Good vibes


eternalcalendar-2021.05.14.apk 3 MB
Download 54 MB
Version 2021.05.11 May 12, 2021
Download 56 MB
Version 2021.05.11 May 12, 2021
Download 57 MB
Version 2021.05.11 May 16, 2021
eternalcalendar-2021.05.11.jar 13 MB

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