Feeling hungry? Feeling poor? You need Poor People Pizza Party!

In this simulation game from the creator of Coco Wiggler 4 you are the pizza chef in a pizza kitchen fully stocked with all the meat and sauce you need to feed the whole office.


  • photo postcard
  • undo
  • a mysterious button with a die on it
  • volume controls
  • apricot swirl

Design your own pizza and then answer life's biggest question: Who Is This Pizza For?

Developer's note:

One time at an old job some team-mates and I were getting pretty hyped in the work Slack about a new takeaway pizza place opening near the office. One of our bosses popped into the chat and said something like "I can't believe you guys eat that rubbish!"

Friends, I could not help myself. I replied:

"I am rich and I don't like poor people pizza."

[DM from Boss]: "is that about me?"

[Ashley]: "no!"

And this game isn't about that boss, either.


poorpeoplepizzaparty-windows64.zip 64 MB
Version 2020-10-23 Oct 23, 2020
poorpeoplepizzaparty-linux64.zip 64 MB
Version 2020-10-23 Oct 23, 2020
poorpeoplepizzaparty-2020-10-23.apk 13 MB
poorpeoplepizzaparty-2020-10-23.jar 17 MB

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